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The Painted Lady Antiques​

Redefined Reclaimed Recycled Rejuvenated Antiques


Hand Painted Floor Cloths

Used as the primary floor covering in America from the mid 1700's to the late 1800's, the oil painted canvas rugs were prized for their beauty, durability and easy care. Hand Painted Floor cloths were listed in the household goods inventory of Presidents Washington, Adams and Jefferson. Early designs were taken from wall paper patterns, tapestries or woven oriental rug motifs of the old world. Good for high use areas such as: in front of your sink, down the hallway, entryway, mud room, powder room, bedroom, under children's play and eating area, or under the coffee, kitchen or dining room table. They are great for hypo-allergenic environments.  

An elegant handcrafted artisan floorcloth is the ultimate luxury gift! The Art of Antiques and Floorcloths makes it easy and fun to give a unique personalized luxury gift specially designed and created for your loved one. Select from our design gallery or purchase a custom floorcloth and create an exclusive heirloom to enjoy for generations to come.

The New Hampshire Gazette couldn’t have said it better in April, 1828:“These carpets possess a decided advantage over all others, as they are more durable, and in warm weather much more comfortable, and easier to keep clean, and in hot climates the only kind that are not subject to injury from insects…”

Floorcloths are canvas rugs that can be used on any hard surface such as hardwood floors, tile or linoleum. They can be custom made to each clients specifications and are a tool used by many interior designers to custom match a specific paint color or to "tie together" many elements in a room or total design scheme.

We use interior latex wall paint as well as oil and acrylics to create a one-of-kind work of art. Clients can provide the paint manufacturer and color name to match precisely to the colors in their home or provide leftover paint for a custom match. We use heavyweight canvas with 6 coats of paint and 3 coats of non-yellowing varnish for added durability.

Area rugs have a 2 inch hem with a mitered seam. All work is signed by the artist on the back hem. Work can also be signed on the front or not at all, upon request.

A personalized message can be included on the back hem for gift giving. We can also ship directly to the recipients address.

care and feeding of your canvas floor clothWhen you get your floor cloth home, unroll it, let it warm up and give it time to relax and flatten slowly. Yes, it can be walked on! Three coats of varnish have been applied as a protective finishing touch to the painted canvas. A non-skid under pad is advisable. If necessary, use protective coasters or plastic glides under furniture legs to protect the floor cloth's surface. Good news. Your floor cloth can be easily cleaned with soapy water or a mixture of white vinegar and water and a damp sponge or mop. Please avoid abrasive, gritty or ammonia based cleansers because they may harm the acrylic varnish finish. 

Art & Antique's 

I’ve been practicing art for over 25 years, folk art, South west, Impressionism, Poster art, and Fresco. After traveling to Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, and Zurich I began studying Christian Medeival art mostly Byzantine era 980 – 1140. I work in many different mediums oil, acrylic, egg tempura, numerous faux finishes, wood, fabric, paper and plaster.I have many art pieces to offer. I also do custom pieces My furniture pieces are all repurposed antiques. My wood panel paintings are all painted on antique salvaged wood. And my room dividers are also repurposed antiques. I hope you enjoy looking at my web site. And if you decide you just can’t live without one of my pieces just contact me. Thank you and please visit often, plenty more items coming.​